Sam Roi Yot railway project

A part of RIVIERA

The Sam Roy Yot Railway Station project is actually part of a larger project, aiming to establish a dual fast train line (double way) between Nakhon Pathom and Chumphon. Indeed, the four provinces crossed, rich in natural parks, beaches and with a unique biodiversity, alone generate more than 10 million tourists by year. This fast train project is part of a broader development, including three air ways, a maritime road with Pattaya and a waterway crossing Thailand to reach the Andaman Sea. This project named "The Riviera Thailand project" aims to create an ecological and economic tourism hub by offering varied and healthy activities around sport, health and nature. It is to achieve this goal that successive governments have validated the constructions in February 2006, August 2014 and more recently in March 2018.The constructions should be completed in the next 5 years.

the bridgge and tunnel sam roy yot
the tunnel sam roy yot
another view of the Tunnel
The bridge od Sam roi yot